For many gas barbecue beginners, dealing with gas is still an area that is filled with a lot of uncertainty. Connecting the gas bottle is one of the tasks that newbies sometimes feel particularly uncomfortable about. To make operating your grill something that you can do in a relaxed way in future, here is a video guide which shows anyone how to connect a gas bottle to the gas barbecue, no need for any manual skills at all.

It is important that from safely transporting the bottle through to turning on the gas tap, every step of the instructions are followed exactly and in the right sequence in order to rule out any risks when dealing with gas. By following this guide, you will probably get into a routine when working with gas bottles, which won’t however replace safety aspects such as transporting the bottle in an upright position, storing the bottle in a ventilated area and thorough leak tests. If you follow all of the steps you can then finally relax and focus on the barbecue without any problems. 

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