Roasting aromas don't only enhance the flavour of meat dishes – just ask anyone who has ever tucked into a hearty roasted courgette, aubergine or pumpkin! However, when it comes to barbecued veggies, fennel is something of a hidden gem. The secret is to trigger the Maillard reaction on the outside, while at the same time cooking the fennel thoroughly so that it breaks down and develops a soft, creamy consistency. Due to fennel's high sugar content, a caramelisation process is triggered by a sufficiently high temperature, which transforms this otherwise often disdained vegetable almost beyond recognition.


We'll cook our fennel on the Outdoorchef Arosa, which perfectly masters the interplay of roasting aromas and gentle cooking. We'll just add a little lime and salt to the fennel – for a result that is sure to delight the purists. This combination of flavours is all it takes to promote these tuberous veggies from lowly side dish to the star of the main course – and a highlight on every barbecue!