Gas barbecues are ten a penny, but the quality of the brand varies considerably. Low budget goods from Asia and an Outdoorchef Arosa are worlds apart when it comes to functionality and aesthetic design. In this video we show which unique selling points the Outdoorchef Arosa brings to the table and how you can make use of these benefits at home. We also pay special attention to the following aspects:


  • Design standard: A grill that breaks clichés and goes beyond just functionality
  • Interchangeable textiles for a personal touch to the appearance of your own gas barbecue
  • Flexibility: Variable use of two grill modes for direct heat up to 550 degrees and indirect grilling at a lower heat
  • Safety at the barbecue: The Gas Safety System and the Flame Guard act as innovative tools for safe barbecue fun
  • The whole system combines to create a high-quality appearance and a relaxed barbecue experience with the best possible safety - you have more time and fun with your guests